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Have you been feeling less than your best? Are you struggling to find a way to address those feelings of sluggishness and tiredness? When you’re ready to invest in the total wellness of your body, consider scheduling detoxing and sculpting services that are focused on getting you back into the best shape possible. In business for 15 years, Timeless Beauty Renewal will help you address issues that are more than skin deep.  If you want a holistic approach to tightening your muscles, try the sculpt series.  It will also improve the texture of your skin and give your skin the appearance of a firmer look.  We’re here to provide the assistance you need to live a happier and healthier life.

Applying Body Lotion

Our Services

  • One-month Body Current Program

  • Two-month Body Current Program

  • Three-month Body Current Program

Body Current Programs provide a multitude of benefits including detoxification, lymphatic drainage, and tightening of skin, to name only a few. Contact us today for the full picture. (903) 277-9331

Lower Body

Body-Sculpting Services

No matter how much you work out, eat healthily, and stay active, it can be difficult to get the appearance you are looking for. By utilizing the best body-sculpting methods in the industry, we can help reduce problem areas on your body at our office. We’ll walk you through a thorough evaluation that’s focused on understanding how this procedure works to create a more sculpted shape for you.

Holistic Detoxing

Your immune system is controlled by small lymph nodes that are located all over your body. When your lymphatic system becomes clogged with fluid, it can cause you to feel less than your best. Our detoxing process is focused on promoting lymphatic drainage to promote a well-functioning body. We remove harmful fluids so your immune system can better fight diseases. Timeless Beauty Renewal will work closely with you to understand your health needs and offer results-driven services that will get you out of the door and on your way to a better life.

Strong Woman
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