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As technology has evolved, so has our ability to provide skin care services that offer the best results possible. Trained by World Plasma and Certified to provide Plasma Lift treatments, Rebecca at Timeless Beauty Renewal keeps her services current by offering the most innovative rejuvenation processes on the market. We utilize innovative plasma technology to deliver visibly tighter skin on your face and neck instantly. ​With plasma, you can successfully reduce extra skin while dramatically lifting and tightening almost any area on the face and body.

What Is Plasma Therapy?


Your skin is made up of collagen and protein-producing cells called fibroblasts, which allow the skin to heal from wounds and promote tightness and firmness. Plasma therapy targets these cells through high-frequency plasma energy currents over small areas of the skin, effectively activating them by creating micro-injuries to the skin layer.

Plasma energy treatments have been proven to offer a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Tissue Regeneration

  • Tissue Contraction & Tightening 

Natural Beauty

Plasma Services

  • Plasma Forehead

  • Plasma Crows Feet

  • Plasma Eyebrow Lift

  • Plasma Eyelid/Brow Lift

  • Plasma Eyelids

  • Plasma Jowl

  • Plasma Neck Lift 

  • Plasma Partial Neck

  • Plasma Under Eyes

  • Plasma Upper Lip

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